Why everyone should know about #SEO?

Each morning, it's my daily routine to read some interesting articles about SEO, Internet Marketing, Social Media, PPC, and any digital trends or events happening around the globe. I have been working for the SEO industry or Internet Marketing for almost 7 years (whew!!!) and I have witnessed the domino effect when each Search Engine algorithm changes from time to time and met new friends named Panda, Penguin and Pigeon.

If you will read my portfolio in LinkedIn (add me!), I have listed all the tasks I've been practicing since 2007. I am so happy that I also reached one of my goal as a practictioner - to pass the Google Adwords certification. And, now am planning to study more about different aspect of Internet Marketing that includes analytics, benchmarking, data analysis, behavior structure, cost planning, etc.

As an individual, do you really need to know about SEO? It's really hard to explain the scope of work we have to other 'non-seo' people because we are too technical in some terms.Sometimes I just said that I am working for website development company and promoting the sites. Then, the secondary question they will shoot would be - are you making a commercial? are you kidding? promoting is not just any advertisemnts you saw on TV and newspapers hehe lol we use the Internet!


I always give practical examples, just like asking them, if you bought something new at the store and take a photo of the product, where do you usually upload it? Some will say, in Facebook, others will say I have Instagram or Tumblr. Then, I'll laugh then you're doing a Social Media promotion of the product. You have already endorsed it to your friends and to your community! (like and share, post and share).

As for the SEO thing, I will always explain that if you are planning to have a weekend staycation in a hotel. You will probably go to Google.com, search the name of the hotel, they click the results on the first page...have you click the remaining pages? Some will answer,no...others will say until page 5 then they will confessed that it was exhausting reading those sites because they have the same information! LOL

Others thought they can learn SEO overnight, which is wrong! The resources you have are a way different from the other. So I would suggest that you will only select few trusted SEO websites to read. I always joked that if you haven't experienced destroying an entire database or FTP, then, you are not yet an SEO...almost there! There are areas of expertise that surrounds SEO. Not just having the theory that you can rank a website in few weeks, submit it to directory submission...LOL

In most cases, why do web team failed to deliver is because some lack of understanding and unaware of the existence of SEO in every website. I usually have a hard time communicating to some web developers because they don't know how to use redirection or where to create custom 404 pages (SEO specialist "knows how" to do it but it's a technical thing and you should have a developer to assist you in cases if you don't know how to manage a CMS).

I agree on this article, SEO as a theory should be taught in School. Just like having an introduction to Accounting 1 or Tax 1. There should be an Internet Marketing 101 subject in all Computer major courses.

They said there will be a tight competition if everyone will learn SEO. My answer is, not everybody will have some set of skills of spotting errors on the website like we do in the past several years. Some will have an idea of what the optimization looks like, but lacking the ability to work on it --- depends on them if they will pursue the career.

Btw, there are digital marketing courses offered by some institutions but a bit pricey. So, I highly recommend that you attend some webinars organized by Google or any major SEO companies. Don't gamble too much in investing to learn sometimes there are "hidden agendas" on some seminars which they will only need your money instead focus on the areas that you would like to give emphasis. If you're good in writing, then, content marketing is your best option. If you have troubleshooting, try learning Technical SEO. If you are an addict Facebook user, enhance your skills in Social Media.

10 different digital marketing roles:
Analytics Manager
CRM and Email marketing Manager
Digital Agency Account Manager and Sales Director
Digital Marketing Manager and Web Manager
Ecommerce Manager
PPC Search Manager
Search Manager / SEO Manager
Social Media Manager or Community Manager
Web Developer and Web Designer


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