Blogapalooza 2014: Post-event write up and observations

This is the biggest Business-to-Blogger event in Manila, Philippines because they have invited over 700 bloggers and the venue was jampacked with brands pitching to bloggers on how they can score a "post" in blogosphere.

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Sadly, while researching for "Blogapalooza" I couldn't find a good blog post about the event.

I was excited to read the updates since I was away and this is the only chance to read them.

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Thank you to my friends and for the event photos

Yes, with 700 bloggers who officially signed up, almost 5% on my estimation had a good write up about the event. I don't know why, maybe because:

1. There are too many brands, and they don't know which one to start with apart from giveaways and prizes they offer. Yup, there is some kind of contest which if your post is chosen, you'll receive a prize from the brand.

I actually won from the 1st Blogapalooza blog contest but I wasn't able to claim my prize :P

2. There are first timers who are misinformed on what to do. Most blogs I've read are "newbies" to blogging industry and they didn't know HOW TO POST. I know this event is open for everyone, but everyone (Seriously all junks!) blogs about everything without thinking what they are blogging!

That's right, they've just joined the bandwagon wherein they can sneak in, eat free, go home with freebies and a lot more!

5% I've mentioned were experienced bloggers. They blogged right away when they got home.

Narrate all experiences and they know what to do! Blow-by-blow account. Keep up the good work guys!

3. "You" yourself is a business card! I was laughing a while ago when I've read that someone didn't brought his/her calling card so he/she remained on her seat. Didn't talk to anyone because he/she is SHY. WAAAAH!!!

Oh, let me remind you again. This is Blogapalooza. Your mission is to stand up, meet the brand representatives, talk to them, ask about what they have in their exhibit, talk to other bloggers and share experiences in blogging. If you left your calling card or you cannot afford your printing it, then, you can be a walking calling card. I'm sure you brought your Smartphone with you, you can write down all contacts. Ask about their website, email address or sign up on their sheet.

We are now in digital era, market yourself as how you can be the voice of their brands.

The event is not a seminar. The event is all about how you market yourself as a blogger brand correspondent.

4. Flyers, Brochures, PR kits, etc these pieces of papers you brought at home and sooner you'll just throw them away. I will appreciate if brands do have interactive sites a specific landing page exclusively for the event.

Wherein bloggers will visit your page ahead of time and introduce your products in form of videos, a blog post or an Infographics and write down the mechanics in advance. I believe some brands have Facebook Pages, they can utilize that page to inform bloggers about their brands in advance.

Go green. Save trees.

NOTE: They said the soft copy of the press release will send via email, and guess what? We didn't receive any. So what's the use of signing up on their sheet? For spamming press release in the future... LOL

5. Room for improvement. I wish for the future event to be more valuable, not just targeting brands but help the bloggers to know what they should do. Not just to blog about them, but nourish their knowledge. Set up a workshop. Invite 'brand ambassadors' on how they blog a product, conduct panel discussions and have a on-the-spot workshop (they have smartphones, laptops and tablets, maximize the resources).

And, also sitting in a big crowded room is also a disadvantage. I hope there will be plant or facility visits in the next event. Allow bloggers to group themselves and choose which brand or category they would like to participate in so that there will be more chances for brands to get an exposure.

A whole day event is not healthy to absorb all information from different brands. Some will only choose brands that they remember or brands that they familiar with.

Take note that those are our observations. If you agree or disagree on our post, then, we need your opinion. The comment section is just there below, waiting for you!

Till the next Blogapalooza!

Glamour Moments Team


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