Is Hello Kitty really a CAT? Here's the catch!

The moment you read this post you'll probably think where I am going. I might be in the airport or boarded or already landed. Take a wild guess!

Before giving you an answer, here's what I read (latest) about my fave character. Is she really a cat or not? This issue became viral and everyone debated on this. The fact that she doesn't sound "meow" to us but looked like a cat? So how Sanrio describes her is she is a reference to a 'little girl.' Yup, she's not a cat. Hello Kitty has a pet cat who is Charmmy kitty, obviously a cat!

Kitty White (her real name) lives in London apart from believing (I thought it was!) that Hello Kitty came from Japan because Sanrio is a Japanese company hehehe. She has twin sister, Mimi. HK loves red (but I used to collect pink kitties, lol) and enjoys baking and playing piano.

You may read the entire article about Hello Kitty on this page:

Where do you think am going?

Yup, you're right. I'm attending the first Hello Kitty Convention #HelloKittycon in Los Angeles!!!!!


Event info can be found here -

What to expect? A venue full of suprises! workshops, booths, games, food and shopping goodies -- will be there. Plus, thousands of people who love Hello Kitty like me :)

I'll be posting photo updates as soon as I reach the venue.

I'd say no Halloween for me, but yes to Hello Kitty!


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