C2E2: Celebrating 10 years of comics, cosplay and pop cultureconvention in Chicago

The Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo brings ton of experience to all ages whether you love comics, toys or looking for any pop culture memorabilia. It was my first time to experience attending this convention in Chicago since the location is too far from my place (about 20 miles commute) and considering the cold weather (yes, still cold in Spring!).

I was planning to attend any weekend (Saturday or Sunday) when this contest pop up on my Facebook newsfeed for C2E2 by Bugle Newspaper Facebook Page. I answered the question by sending a private message. Few days later, they told me that I won two all-weekend passes to C2E2 (a belated birthday gift to me!). Good thing I haven't bought my ticket yet so I took a friday off from work and IT'S OFFICIAL, I'M GOING TO C2E2!!!

I checked Google Maps right away to plan my trip to Chicago. It looked like taking buses and trains will be too tiring for me since it requires a lot of walking and transfers so I decided to booked an Uber.

After less than 1 hour, we arrived at McCormick Place in downtown Chicago. The convention center is so huge! Since it was my first time, I visualized how Chicago Auto Show and other conventions looked like as I seen these events on TV. We already got our badges so we went ahead go upstairs to security check. I also registered our badges in advance at home so that I won't be lining up in registration kioks.

We were welcomed by a huge C2E2 signage outside of the hall. Fall in line and took photos.

I've been familiar on this kind of convention since I've been attending different events like Wizard World, Anime Conventions and ToyCon PH (in the Philippines). Common things you can find are: cosplayers, comic book enthusiasts, toy collectors, video gamers, fans like me, vendors, freebies and huge lines for autograph and photo sessions.

Here are some of the photos taken at the event. I didn't took much because I am busy looking at the merchandises and enjoying every single moment.

Panel sessions are ongoing. Checking on the C2E2, there were comic workshops and a lot of specific topics discussions and fan gatherings. Also, there are night events after regular hours so the party continues after convention hours!

Autograph and Photograph sessions will cost you more than $40-above depending on the artist's rate and you have to purchase in advance. Guest stars include: Paul Rudd, Amy Jo Johnson, Alicia Silverstone, John Barrowman, Tyler Hoechlin, Ralph Macchio (yes, the Karate Kid cutie) and a lot more.

You can also purchase comic books and art works from your favorite artists. You can also get those merchandises you bought signed by your artists. Marvel & DC booths were so huge and we were lucky to get freebies!

SyFy Wire stage is set up to do interviews on the show floor and livestream the actual event to those who didn't make it to see their favorites live on stage.

Batman Forever.

Overall, it was a good and fun experience. Friday is not that crowded and I know it will be jampacked on Saturday and Sunday. Hoping next time I can book a hotel (Hyatt Regency is just adjacent to the convention center) so that I can attend all weekend and take naps in between. Walking entire day is really exhausting. Thank you to Bugle Newspapers for the free passes. It was such a memorable (belated birthday) experience for me :) We went to Chinatown Chicago right after the convention to eat our dinner. It was very cold night for us so we took Uber on our way home.

A post shared by Mitch Coladilla (@daomisyel) on

A post shared by Mitch Coladilla (@daomisyel) on

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