The Wolverine


Okay, as promised to myself not give any spoilers about this film because I know some of you are excited to watch The Wolverine on bigscreen.

The trailer is a giveaway clue of what will the story is all about. We saw Wolverine saving a Japanese soldier trapped in a tunnel and now when Wolverine travels to Japan to search for his own self thinking that what will be his life would become and searching for answers.

The flick has focused more about involving a giant samurai robot, ninjas, and memories of Jean Grey (I find it awkward seeing her flashing on and off, sounds weird LOL).

His fast-healing power has been decreasing, what else clue shall I giveaway? Even he became weak, his powers are still strong. Then I shall conclude that Wolverine got hurt in some scenes.

I know that comic and superheroes geek will review this film much better than this simple blog post. I had a great night watching the film in 3D and the action/fight scenes were good specially the train scene which I got myself screamed.

So what's next? You have to wait until the end credits to see what will be the next installment is all about.


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