Twitter Etiquette: Agree or Disagree?

twitterI stumbled upon this article. I have been a Twitter user (not addicted to this social network), and I only follow particular users or accounts that are really interesting like following news feeds, business or associates or even my top crushes celebrities to stalk them online hehehe.

We have our own ways of using Twitter. But there are people who continuously abuse it like, tweeting nonsense or we called it papansin but what I didn't like about Twitter is the hashtag attacks that I could not read the message because it was full of 'hashtags' -- hello, Twitter has only 140 character limit. Imagine spams of # hashtags all over and the message is not evenly related to it. Others, only tweets because they would like to share their stories (blog posts feeds, ahem) and some are spoiler alerts thinking that they are the only person to know a certain issue (tsk!).

I'm not a celebrity so don't follow me.


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