Sweet Goodies

Last Tuesday, we were so blessed to received these sweet goodies from different parties.
Everyone in this room are happy and we have share it all!

2013-07-02 15.15.47

Krispy Kreme Speculoos Cookie Butter Doughnut is so delectable. I am no longer a fan of sweet goodies but bravely tried this one. If you are a big fan of Speculoos peanut butter, then, I bet you have tasted this already. This doughnut with cookie butter kreme, dipped in rich dark chocolate and topped with French biscuit is a sure winner. Whew, sweetness.

Cadbury Milk Chocolates. Called it a double blessing. We didn't expect that our sweet goodies arrived on the same day. See, how happy I am? LOL

2013-07-02 14.34.46

Tagged as "Forever Creamy," hay, I gave out some bars and asked some friends to pick their favorite Cadbury Dairy Milk variants. Share the blessings!


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