Da Who?

https://blogger.googleusercontent.com/img/b/R29vZ2xl/AVvXsEibrGoMc9F_ipTHy5vuAz7kq0hVPYPM52VxzompQfE3oqg42klpy3FxCuMMSpimhrd-XyMHuAGUz7H6qGhctddrYBhY9oXf_V-xTvg6YR8OCF5m_XzvC9ueOHse9jjBDkPJBTVFZjubNMI/s200/Questionmark.jpgI have been blogging since 2003 and attended several blog events, conferences, parties or product launches. I have my personal blog running since 2009 (oh, 2003 blog stuffs is all about my fan-girling moments) and encountered surprises which I don't pay much attention.

Until last time, I have witnessed unusual things to several people who are present on that night.

1. This person grabbed the decors on different tables without thinking that those were event's ornaments. We didn't know if these decors were free to take home.
2. Heard a lot of non-sense talks about some other bloggers (bloggers bashing each other). I can name a few, I'll just whisper it to you :)
3. This another person needs to improve hygiene. We have attended left and right gatherings. We ate a lot of foods, all smells were mixed up and traveled from one place to another - What I am trying to say is --- why don't you take a personal kit with you and make yourself presentable.

4. The same person (#1), took my friend's loot bag. Good thing there is a name on it. This person returned the bag. whew!

5. A late comer pushed one attendee just to win a prize in a game. This guy is about to win but the late comer pushed this guy in order to secure the prize!

Additional Info: I've read about person #1 has been misbehaving each every events (sigh). I also caught person #1 took home extra goodies and put it inside the bag, I didn't notify the organizers because I don't have enough evidence and I don't want to get involve but why am blogging this? It's simply because all of us bloggers should not tolerate such kind of behavior and why some of them prefer to ignore it? because they also have their own unusual activity :) Mind your own business is their motto. Sigh.

The information I have posted are all based on my actual experiences.

My recommendation? Be observant, and you'll be surprise

God Bless these people. That is why I refuse to attend some events and be selective on some activities. I am not even a top blogger or popular. I am just a regular blogger. Am not perfect but somehow I would rather post about anything personal rather than a copy-paste blog posts.

Have a great weekend!



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