Me, Myself & Eastwood Revisited

I was so tired fixing some stuffs here at home and decided to take a break and went to Eastwood City (one of my favorite place in Metro because its just few meters away from home). My first stop was to visit St Pio Center in Libis. The covered parking space is now converted to a prayer garden where Station of the cross is being held. I saw few constructions happening on the area, more space for parking.

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I was so hungry that time so I went to CyberOne building and ate at NamaNama in third floor. I ordered 'Thai Bagoong rice' which I have been craving for since last week. I went around the building and saw these two sale books, feeling teenager lang.


And, walked around Eastwood City Park...took some photos and attended the Sunday Mass at Holy Family Chapel now known as Blessed John Paul II Parish. After the mass, I went straight to Starbucks and started reading one book which I finished reading for less than 2 hours (pwede bang isoli?).


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