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[caption id="attachment_9710" align="aligncenter" width="430"]I removed my previous Google Adsense and re-apply because I have moved  to a new place. Thanks Google Adsense for approving my application! I removed my previous Google Adsense and re-apply because I have moved to a new place. Thanks Google Adsense for approving my application! [/caption]

Okay, I have to admit that I have tried several 'online monetizing programs' but none of them are successful. Some are too slow to generate income and some platforms have too many pop ups which I wanted to avoid...and so forth reasons, hehehe.

I know other people earn a lot in direct advertising, meaning, clients of brands contacted the website owners directly to place their banner, logos or even links on the site owner's pages but still I prefer the hard way of earning which is base on how people will search my website.

How effective is Google Adsense? It's simple, since you are targeting a range of traffic and impressions your ads will be displayed on how you share your content. And now they are offering 'Adsense Direct' wherein you can sell a specific ad unit directly to the advertiser, sounds cool but I haven't tried it and it is only available in US only.

The new Google Adsense platform is very manageable, in fact you can easily track down your conversions and reporting tools. You can customize your advertisements base on how you would like to place your ads (sizes, colors, etc).

Why others hate Google Adsense? Maybe because of slow turn of conversions. What I recommend is to check your web contents and optimize your pages. How you are going to do it? There is a Optimization tool wherein you can check your site's scorecard and
improve your campaigns.

And now, you can earn revenue and implement Adsense through your Games, Mobile Content and Videos.

There are any other ad networks that are like Adsense, just make sure that you'll research these affiliate networks first before you commit. And, don't clog your site with tons of ads. You may pick one or two platforms and focus on your contents.

Happy monetizing!

PS: I already got 4-5 payouts for the past years (at least 2x a year, which is really very slow because I know some who usually earn more than 2x each year). Hoping to be more active in blogging and write personal contents instead of copying those Press Releases LOL

source: Google.com/Adsense


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