FREE Google Online Course: Making Sense of Data


Here is another FREE online course from Google - Making Sense of Data

There are no prerequisites but make sure that you are familiar with spreadsheets and of course your common sense, hehehe

Through this course you'll able to:

  • Learn about the basics of data, including the structure and organization of data

  • Learn about the steps of the data process

  • Create and use Google Fusion Tables

  • Organize, summarize, and create charts from data

  • Learn about different data analysis techniques and when to use them

I've learned that Google has 'Fusion Tables' - a web application where you can gather, visualize and share data and convert everything to maps, charts and graphs.

The only difference here is you have to complete the final project and receive a score of at least 70% on the final assessment on April 4, 2014.

Making Sense of Data2

Extra Tips:

  • Read the instruction carefully. You'll be seeing a lot of data and analyze each items before you proceed with the next session.

  • Practice the use of Fusion Tables, it's like an excel based application. It's easy to use if you know how to filter, summarize and compute the average of the given values.

  • Answer all activities and you'll able to learn the proper way of using Fusion Tables.

Makes sense, yeah :) Goodluck!

Register here:


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