How To Keep Your Pup Out of Trouble During The Day

For many people, coming home to their dog at the end of a hard day at work is one of the highlights of the day. For others, trying to keep their pup out of trouble while they work can be a full-time job. There are many incidents that can disrupt the day, like using the bathroom indoors, scratching furniture and making a mess can be time-consuming and difficult to clean.


Dogs are intelligent and, with a little determination on the part of their owner, can be easily trained. Here are some strategies from Glamour Moments that you can use to get your dog to behave well, even when you’ve been gone all day.


Reducing Boredom Throughout the Day


Smart Dog Training and Behavior says you’ll need to manage your dog’s energy, particularly if your dog is a more excitable breed, like a Labrador retriever. Most dogs need some sort of entertainment throughout the day, and will act out in various ways if they are bored and have nothing else to do. This can lead to torn up carpets, ripped up papers and other messy problems.


Instead of scolding your dog, redirect their attention to something positive. This can be as simple as giving them a variety of toys to play with during the day. If you play with your dog for 15 minutes or so before you leave for work, that may be enough stimulation for some dogs to be able to rest comfortably for the rest of the day. 


Many pet owners are electing to make a space with their furry friend in mind. If you create a dog room, keep in mind that while it's ideal for your situation, you should aim for flexible decor if you plan to sell in the near future. Your upgrade could improve the home appraisal value if you play your cards right! Neutral colors, an easy-care floor and well-chosen storage will be attractive, functional and appealing to house hunters, while also serving your purposes.


However, if your mutt still gets into mischief while you’re away despite your best efforts, it’s best to hire a dog walker or pet sitter to keep your pooch company and help him release some energy for a few hours during the day. It’s a modest expense for the prevention of doggy disasters in your absence!


Retraining Your Dog’s Bathroom Habits


Most often, dogs always have a reason for acting out in their various forms. This frequently is due to boredom, particularly if you are gone for long periods of the day and your dog is left alone indoors. If your dog has recently picked up the habit of using the bathroom indoors, that is the first problem you should tackle.


According to the Canine Training Center, part of the problem may be that your dog’s bathroom schedule does not necessarily line up with yours. The first thing you should do is take note of the times when your dog uses the bathroom. If you are unable to monitor your dog all day on a weekday, keep tabs on their habits on a Saturday or Sunday when you can get the full scope of your dog’s habits. Also, take note of the times your dog eats or drinks water, as the two actions are tightly linked.


Next, take several days to retrain your dog to hold it until they are outside. Now that you know how long your dog typically goes between eating or drinking and using the bathroom, take your dog outside after the allotted time, then use a clicker or squeaky toy plus plenty of positive affirmation when they go to the bathroom in the appropriate spot. Finally, if the training process is taking more time than just a weekend, you may need to put your dog in a crate while you are gone. Most dogs will refrain from using the bathroom in a small, confined space.


Keep in mind that you can supplement these bathroom breaks with potty pads and dog litter boxes. Websites such as Pet News Daily can help you decide which option is best suited for your dog — and which products are the most trustworthy and effective.


Remember, all pups have a reason for acting out.  Whether it is boredom, a misaligned bathroom schedule, or a lack of nourishing food, all it takes is a little thought and analysis for you to figure out the source of the problem.


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