Finding Time for Tidy: How a Clean House Is a Relaxed House


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Sitting in a cluttered house is overwhelming for most people. And even if you don't recognize the additional stressors, tidy habits can change your outlook, productivity and sense of relaxation. So here are some facts and tips from Glamour Moments to help you achieve the relaxing home you deserve.


How Does Clutter Affect Your Mindset?


Neuroscience research shows clearing clutter aids in productivity, focus and the ability to process information. If your home is extra disorganized, you may have symptoms of anxiety and depression. Those who have a tidy environment have lower levels of the stress hormone cortisol.


When you live in a messy environment, the mess leads to a low-grade fight or flight response. This chronic state makes it difficult to digest food and fight illness. When you tidy up your home or perform a deep clean, you increase your health and ability to feel good about yourself.


What Steps Can You Take Toward a Tidy Home?


The first step to a tidy home is decluttering so that you have less to clean and organize regularly. If the items in your house fill you with stress or anxiety, you'll only increase those feelings when you have to clean around them.


Here are a few tips for decluttering your home:

       Declutter once a day for only a few minutes

       Fill a trash bag with donatable items

       Take clothes you never wear and donate them

       Give away one item every day


You do not have to declutter overnight. In fact, most people find it easier to clean in small doses.


If you want to keep your home looking clean, try to keep your tables and countertops clear and set a day and time to do different chores. For example, consider doing laundry on the weekend or on your day off so that your laundry never piles up.


Do not wait for the clutter to build up. Instead, try to clean as you go about your day. Like rearranging your throw pillows and folding your blankets after an evening in the family room.


When Should You Hire Help With Housework?


If you have a busy schedule, you may not have time to clean the house every day. In this case, you may want to think about hiring a housekeeper. To find a cleaner, ask friends and family before you take to the internet. Once you start your research, analyze the company by reading the reviews online. Keep in mind when you hire a cleaner, he or she may be a part of a larger company or may be self-employed.


Most housekeepers provide various services, including changing linens, washing dishes, cleaning kitchens, vacuuming, mopping and more.


While a housekeeper will tackle many projects, deeply cleaning furniture isn’t likely to be one of them. If you have cushions or chairs that need a refresh to remove deep odors, a reputable furniture cleaning service can help get rid of smells and deodorize fabrics. You can easily find a reputable furniture cleaning service online through a site like Angi. When shopping for quotes, make sure that your desired agency offers the necessary services and has referrals from pleased customers. Never trust a furniture cleaning service with all-in-one cleaning tools.


Your home should provide you with comfort, not stress. With a few easy steps and a little outside house cleaning help, you can have a tidier home with a lower burden of daily chores.

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