06-19-10 Toycon Day 1

It's been my 9th year of my undying support for Toycon.
And it's really getting better (close to best!)

As we set up for our booth assignment (fizzer.ph), am observing that exhibitors were really great in timing. As the clock ticks by 10am, most of them were able to set up their booth and waiting for our friends to go inside.

I went outside the entrance and I was surprised that at around 10am (sharp!) people were lining up and excited! There was a father who asked me if her daughter can still come inside because the line was very long and it reached 2nd floor!!!! I said, yes sir, pls tell your daughter to wait patiently.

We were stuck at our booth by afternoon, as tons of people were inside the venue. I never had a chance to watch and see Paramita performed (hehehe) but I can hear them singing (background).

As the organizer said there were over 150  cosplayers participated on the contest. Cool!

What makes it more interesting? THE SPONSORS!!!

An overflowing of coke zero...plus a scent from Axe.

Gentelmen were really excited to go around and check the babes at Axe.

As the day 1 closes, here is day 2. The most crucial day today. It's the LAST DAY of TOYCON.

So, if I were you, go out and check the most successful TOY-HOBBY-POP CULTURE EVENT OF THE YEAR IN THE PHILIPPINES.



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