Behind the Scene: Toycon Events Briefing for Exhibitors

Toycon Organizers and their Sponsors

The Toycon organizers (Collectibles Unlimited) and Megatrade held their briefing for exhibitors last night, June 9 at Megatrade Conference Hall A & B (Snacks were served courtesy of Kusina ni Kambal)

Several items were discussed including on rules and regulations, proper guidelines and the presentation of
Toycon's schedule of activities.

This briefing is more of the things you would like to clarify during the pre and post events preparation as well a chance to meet the organizers and other exhibitors.

As a proposed schedule of activities, there were about a number of segments plus DC Comics participation as event partners on the 9th Toycon. These segments include: cosplay, games, raffles, product launchings/sponsored segments, film showing, and live auction.

For updates, you may logon to

I'll be covering this event since I've been actively involved on this 2 day activity.

See you at the 9th PHILIPPINE TOYCON


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