The gods have a plan for you. A destiny. - Prince of Persia Movie

The gods have a plan for you. A destiny.
-Quoted from Tamina

The film starred by Jake Gyllenhaal as Dastan (adopted by the king, he was a street urchin in Persia) set on 16th century. Togethher with his foster brothers, they were about to attack the sacred city of Alamut. Surprisingly, his strategies worked and lead a surprise attack against the orders of his brothers. After several fights, he took the 'mythical dagger of time' wherein it has the ability to go back in time for a short period so that you can correct whatever mistake you would like to change at any moment.

Conflict arises when King Sharaman died when he tried the gown and went burned. Dastan was accused of killing of his father and he ran away. Along their journey to find out the truth who really killed the King, he met merchant bandits and tried to convinced his uncle Nizam only to found out that his uncle's hands went burned but Dastan remembered that his uncle wasn't able to touch the gown.

Fights and adventure continues as Dastan fought with several armies and defeated Nizam. In order to protect Alamut, Dastan must able to turn back time. As the sandglass breaks, Dastan went back from the first he held the Dagger after the seige of Alamut.

He uses his knowledge to tell everything to his brother but it was the other way around. As Nizam attempts to kill Dastan, his brother Tus died.

The Prince returned the Dagger of Time and told Tamina that he eventually discovered something that they can able to control their own destiny.


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