For Valentine's Day: Your Guide to Buying Flowers Wholesale

Where to buy fresh flowers wholesale for your special someone? Here are some of the tips you need to know and make the most of your hard earned cash plus making this event, memorable. (insert background music, lol)
1. Ask from your friends or family members or any experts like flower distributors or vendors that you think is reliable and can give you value for money. You may also start browsing online for special flower arrangements and delivery.
2. A good vendor should be know for selling quality and fresh flowers. Must be in the business for a number of years and made famous because of good advertisements these are: Island Rose, Flower Express, Manila Blooms, Designer Blooms, Holland Tulips and a lot more.
3. Does the vendor supply flowers wholesale to many other florists on a regular basis? If yes, and particularly if it’s on daily basis that tells you that the vendor has reliable products and a reliable and efficient system of delivery.

4. Ask about the vendor’s production facility. This will tell you if the operation is efficient and modern. Some reliable vendors have an
impressive number of square miles reserved for production as well as modern equipment and computers for monitoring and control.

5. If you are interested in specific kinds of flowers, find the vendors that can supply them. Some of the flowers that can be bought in bulk include Roses, Tulips and more. Also, You might also want to consider a vendor that also carries other related products like bouquets and greenery.

6. Keep in mind that there are flowers that vendors can produce daily, week after week and there are those that they can produce and delivery only during particular seasons. This depends on the area. So make sure you specify the kinds of flowers that you need and the date that you would need them.

7. You can also check out the nearest flower market in your area. But you need to wake up early for this because the stalls open early in the morning and most of the best and most attractively priced flowers get scooped up very early, too.

8. Inside the flower market, don’t settle on the first store you find. Look around, compare prices and go for the stall that can give you the best prices and kinds of flowers.

9. Check the flowers carefully to make sure that withered flowers were not mixed in with the fresh ones that you bought.

10. While at the flower market looking to buy flowers wholesale, you might want to check out some vases, floral wire, ribbons and pins that you might need for arranging the flowers because there’s a good chance you’ll find a number of these products at affordable prices.



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