Health perks of Coffee

There are studies shown that drinking coffee also has health perks. Here are some of it:

  • Protects against diabetes - It was said that for every extra cup of coffee you drink a day, will dropped down its risk.

  • High in antioxidants - believed that it may reduced the risk of stroke, due to high contents of antioxidants

  • Increases life span - It was also believed that drinking coffee may have combat sickness like certain cancer, depression and lower the risk of developing Parkinson's and dementia.

  • Improving your weight - Drinking coffee can speed up your metabolism and lower your risk to obesity.

What’s inside Golden Herbs Coffee Supreme & why you'll love it

Golden Herbs Coffee Supreme

This coffee which comes in a convenient pre-mix drink in single serve sachets shows promise especially for those with a driving passion for coffee.


It has two powerful herbs that are good for human health – moringa oleifera and ashitaba –with a sweetener - stevia, a plant sugar which is a healthy sugar good for diabetics and those who want to reduce their weight. Its relish is soothingly familiar, like a very light brew of barako.

As you sip it, its mild calming aroma envelops your nostrils. Even when piping hot, there is no burning sensation. The coffee goes down easily.

Golden Herbs Coffee Supreme

Hence, the name Golden Herbs Coffee Supreme, which was launched very recently by PeakLife Inc, and its mother company, Empower Marketing Inc., a 100 percent Filipino-owned company that champions the buying of Filipino-made products. The coffee's wide-scale launch through the company's national sales network comes 10 years after the market introduction of Golden Herbs Tonic, a nutraceutical drink made from 12 premium herbs coactively working to boost the body's immune system.

The coffee supreme formulation was made by a team of Filipino scientists and doctors, who did research for at least 25 years at the Department of Science and Technology.

The two herbs work in perfect synergy: ashitaba removes toxins through the excretory glands while moringa (better known as Malunggay among Pinoys) replenishes the nutrients needed by the body.

Both are good tissue builders. Moringa is referred to as the 'tree of life' because it can combat malnutrition, help in muscle recovery and prevent immune-system diseases. It's a plant that grows so quickly and easily in Filipino backyards because it thrives in tropical climates. The plant's leaves are used the most. Moringa leaf powder contains more than 90 nutrients, 8 essential amino acids and 46 anti-oxidants. Antioxidants are known for preventing cellular damage. When the leaves are dried and turned into powder form, its efficacy increases and its shelf life increases. What makes it more appealing as an additive to any food or drink, the dried powder does not change the taste of the food, drink or beverage.

Ashitaba, researched and studied extensively in Japan, commonly called the “longevity herb”, is a green leafy vegetable that has a rare flavonoid called chalcone that contributes to good metabolism and helps in the production of nerve growth. Older people will love one of its health benefits - -keeping degenerative diseases at bay. Ashitaba contains beta-carotene, has 28 times more vitamin B2 content equivalent than garlic, four times more vitamin C than lemons, and nine times the amount of iron found in spinach.

If you want your immune system and your metabolism working at full throttle first thing in the morning, give this healthy coffee a shot!

Contact PeakLife Inc. ( and Empower Marketing ( at 532-8059 and 477-4504. Or visit them at the 2nd floor, Roscar Bldg, 81 EDSA, Mandaluyong City.


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