PLDT myDSL’s best commercial for me is...Booster, the Lost Dog

We've been addicted to Derek's Anna Banana Song and got curious when Derek got busted until a new Anna Banana, Aria came to the scene. What I loved most is when they have found Booster (the lost dog).

If you are too tired of slow broadband internet connection at home, you better switch to PLDT myDSL and find out on how you can also enjoy the strongest connection at home. Mommy will enjoy browsing online recipes, Daddy will watch his favorite sports online and kids will enjoy researching over the internet.

Subscribe to PLDT myDSL Anna Banana Youtube Channel ( and learn the latest from Lorenzo family. Also enjoy watching these four TVCs that captured our hearts:

Derek’s Anna Banana Song:
Derek got busted:
Aria is the new Anna Banana!:
Booster, the Lost Dog:


PLDT Anna Banana 3 8.5x11 Mag

“Your home deserves unlimited sharing from the strong, reliable, family sized connection of myDSL. The strongest connections are at home, so visit to get your family connected today!“

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