05-23-09 Saturday, Megamall

I was about to go Cyberzone when I passed by the Atrium and Saw "Harlem Globetrotters" signing event. I took a snapshot of the signing and later on saw "Barbie's 50th Anniversary" Exhibit showcasing different exclusive Barbie Dolls displayed on the shelves as well as different portraits of Barbie. There were a small centerstage and few activities inside the booth.

My weekend is full of energy as I went to Octagon and bought an AOC Monitor. It took me more than 5 hours to scan the Computer (Mom gave me her old CPU) and now, i have to back up all their files and save it to DVD.

I received an SMS from my brother to watch Net25's Convergence, and took a video of their interview.

Been so pressured and busy for the past few days. I hope everything will be better soon.

That's all. Happy Monday.Back to work.

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