Chinese New Year Parade at Argyle Street

To welcome the year of the Wooden Horse! A parade was first held in Argyle Street in Chicago last Saturday (there are numerous events in different parts of Chicago as scheduled). Many spectators were seen on the street waiting for the parade to start. Saw golden dragon and lions danced along Argyle street followed by group of business establishments representatives and some more lion dance groups.


We were given out red paper lanterns, red beads and candies from the organizers.

The parade started from 1pm-3pm, with routes along Argyle.

The weather is really unpredictable last Saturday. Snow didn't bother me at all!


I was searching for news or photos online about last Saturday's parade until I stumbled upon this website, and while checking on the photos - I saw myself standing and waiting for the parade to arrive.

You may visit the site at



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