Ways to recycle your blog posts


We received tons of emails almost everyday and we are too tired in composing a new blog post instead you'll just copy and paste (ahem) all email materials you've got in your inbox. But hey, worry no more ... there are some ways on how you can "recycle" those posts in a new ones. I'm not saying to use the same content but rather make it more eye catching.

1. Slideshows
Instead of posting 100 photos to your blog, create a presentation and tap new audience by making it more informative. Add contents to the slides, making it shareable to everyone.

Upload to Slideshare or to any photo sharing that has a slideshow feature

2. Videos
Create a quality video content. Be like a pro! Boost your blog by posting how to, step by step, event coverages, commentaries, reviews, etc. You can create an instant blog post using your smartphones. Just search for some app sharing video content, and tadah....you're a star!

3. Podcasts or Live Audio
Not that new technique but if you have internet access, why not invite your audience to stay tune and listen to your live coverages.

4. Infographic
If you have the 'skill' then its about time to turn those lengthy posts into an infographic. There are free infographic templates available online, use Google.
5. Social Media
Re-share your old posts via social media. You can schedule your posts and use several sharing app like Hootsuite.

If you have other techniques not listed above, feel free to add by posting a comment! :)


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