My first online experience at

I know there are a lot of bad reviews and experiences about ordering at but I tried my luck and hoping that I won't experience the same thing. Though I am happy that I saw the dress that I love to wear this Spring, however, things happened unexpectedly as they say so the other order was a bit frustrating.

The items were clearly described in the website. I ordered two dresses for me and two shirts for my friend. Unfortunately, his order didn't match exactly as what they described. I'm not sure if they just use other photos or grabbed from other online shopping sites. Take a look closely on my orders:

Close-Fitting Stand Collar Batman Costume Long Sleeve Men's Cycling Suit (Jacket+Pants)

From the website vs Actual order:
ROSEGALI did my research and decided to try ordering since some products we wanted were on sale. So I decided to purchase and it arrived on time, but I am not happy for my friend's order though I don't want to return this (I have no time and return policy is so confusing). Lesson learned in the future that there is no harm in trying to purchase online and this won't be happening again because I'm not going to order in this website.

This is what you get if you purchase bargain products online. So you have be aware of the consequences.

Summary Review:
Website: OK
Prices: Low / mostly on sale
Shipping: Free (very risky) but there were other options to expedite/express delivery through DHL
Consumer's Review: Mostly unsatisfied
Quality: Moderate to Poor (made from very cheap materials)
Size: OK (the dress I bought fits me, I'm size 16)
Refund: I don't know :P
Customer Service: Moderate (I saw that they are answering queries in review websites)


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