Chicago Sports Museum

I read somewhere about Chicago Sports Museum but I don't know where is this sports heaven place specifically located until we decided to go downtown and spent the sunny weekend at Water Tower Place. It's my first time to stroll on that area to my surprise that Uniqlo (Asian clothing store) is opposite by Water Tower Place!


Our first agenda on that day is to eat our lunch since my Mom and I were starving. As we look at the mall directory, I saw Harry Caray's 7th Inning Stretch restaurant then I realized that Chicago Sports Museum is adjacent to the restaurant.

It was too humid on that day so we ordered Banana Nutella and Salted Caramel Shakes - and it was soooo good!!!
My main course was Maple Mustard Glazed Salmon and mom had Turkey Meatloaf. Both were delicious!

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After eating our brunch, we headed to the Chicago Sports Museum. The entrance is fee if you dine in ($6 for walk ins), just present the receipt to the cashier and she'll give you the admission tickets to scan at the door.

There were sports display of different teams in Chicago - Bulls, Sox, Cubs, Bears, BlackHawks. Chicago Bulls memorabilia welcomes you with Scottie Pippen's height chart, Michael Jordan's shoes and jersey, Derrick Rose's jersey and some interactive sports activity like how high you can jump and a size 21 shoes display case of Will Perdue.

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There were different interactive exhibits that use a body-tracking technology wherein you can shoot freethrows, play hockey games, hit a homerun and trivia game challenge.

Kid Playing 3 point shot game

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I would love to go back and visit this museum, hoping that there will be additional memorabilia like a new Stanley Cup or World Series.


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