Cash Agad - Partnered by BDO

I learned this new BDO feature upon watching my brother's vlog about Cash Agad. He withdrew his money on a partnered branch thru a sari-sari store. On his video, He mentioned that there's a Php 30 transaction fee and it will be deducted from your atm.

He outlined the process on his vlog, first you need enter your pin from the small electronic device and check your balance. Then you need to confirm the amount you're withdrawing. Once the machine confirmed your transaction, the store associate will hand over the cash amount you wanted to encash.

It's a very easy transaction especially if you live far away from the ATM machines. To avoid stress and anxiety, I suggest you withdraw during daytime and check the nearest location with you first. I don't know if they have a list of partners on BDO website or if you can check it thru the app (I'm going to confirm).

Since we're still living on a pandemic, it is really hard to withdraw cash. Well, I don't carry cash or withdraw cash in here since I use my card to all of my transactions - in store and online purchases.

I also grabbed this info if you are interested to become a partner. I think the limit withdrawal is Php 10,000 and I don't know how much cash the store should keep on their safe.

How to be a Partner Agent:

  • Business owner/s must have a BDO or BDO Network Bank Account.
  • Business owner/s must submit necessary business documents (i.e. Business Permit,
  • etc.) at the nearest BDO or BDO Network Branch to process the application.
  • Other requirements will be requested by an assigned CASH AGAD Sales Officer (ie.
  • Filled-out Cash Agad Application form, etc.).

If you want to be a CASH AGAD partner agent, you can inquire via:

  • BDO Customer Contact Center at (02) 8840-7000
  • Visit any BDO or BDO Network Bank branch near you
  • Cash Agad Hotline at (02) 8840-7575 or 1800-10-840-7575 (Toll Free)
  • Cash Agad Email Address:
  • From Mondays to Fridays, 8:30 AM to 6:00 PM


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