How to Make the Career Change You Desire With Ease


When you aren’t passionate about your profession, it can take a toll not only on your work but your mental health as well. If you feel your lack of love for your job is negatively impacting your broader life, it may be time to shift gears and change careers. Luckily, there are many viable options out there for someone looking to make a switch. Make sure to explore the Glamour Moments blog for more personal and career insights like the following!

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Determining What You Should Be Doing

It won’t help to go from one job you’ve lost enthusiasm for to another you dislike, so determine what kind of career path you’d like to pursue. Maybe you have a hobby that you would love to turn into a full-time business or there’s a degree you always dreamed of pursuing but never did. Consider what issues you have with your current position, what it does and doesn’t work for you, and let those things help you decide on a career path that may reignite your passion and bring you satisfaction.


To get a clearer idea of what is worth pursuing, Psychology Today recommends making a list of things you do want and a list of things you don't want, being as specific as possible, to help you narrow down what ultimately may make you happy. Once you can see written out what things you do and don't wish to have in your life and career, you are better able to decide what your next move should be. For many people, that move is either starting a new business or furthering their education. 


Starting a New Business

If you're not already an entrepreneur, starting your own business may seem daunting, but there are several concrete steps you can take. The U.S. Small Business Administration recommends writing a business plan to help give you concrete goals and ways of achieving them. If you are unsure how to write one, you can use one of the many free business plan templates available online.


You'll need to figure out how to fund your business. Grants, small business loans, personal capital and investors are all ways you can get starting capital, though there are many other sources. Research your options and decide what is right for your situation. 


Depending on the kind of business you decide on, you may need to register your business and get federal and state tax IDs. You also need to decide what kind of business formation to use. Limited liability companies are a popular option for small businesses just starting out as they offer a layer of protection between the owner's assets and those of the business. 


Going Back to School

Heading back to college as an adult isn’t the ordeal that it once was. You no longer have to rearrange your schedule to take in-person classes. There are countless quality online degree programs available that can easily be pursued on your own time so that you can continue in your current job as long as necessary.


Because there are so many online degrees available, you need to do your research to make sure any schools you are interested in are accredited, reputable and affordable before applying. Read reviews from former students and compare prices and prestige between schools to see which is best for you.


Making a significant change can be scary, especially when it comes to your livelihood. With the right forethought and research, though, you can successfully shift your profession to something more satisfying. Start your journey to a new career today and give yourself a better tomorrow. 

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