Keep Stress at Bay and Fun at the Ready on Your Next Family Vacation


Families who postponed their usual trips or vacations over the last few years have some catching up to do! And after so much time spent at home and finding ways to entertain your kids while all stuck in the same place, the prospect of getting out and seeing the world again may be especially exciting. But traveling with kids will remain as hectic as it ever was – especially if they’ve been cooped up and have a lot of energy to blow off. Fortunately, there are many ways to ease the stress of traveling with children to ensure a great time for everyone in the family. Here, Glamour Moments explains how to make it happen.

Leave early in the day.

If you can get the kids bundled into the car before the sun is even up, you can get a jump on some of that dangerous rush hour traffic. Plus, the kids may fall back to sleep for a few hours, then wake up feeling excited and refreshed. This will give you parents a little time to ease into the trip quietly, too. It cuts a little bit of time off the inevitable “Are we there yet?” phase of the journey, and arriving at your vacation destination earlier means more time to enjoy yourselves on your first day.

Plan some sight-seeing stops along the way.

If you’re on a road trip, you know you’ll have to stop anyway for bathroom breaks, to eat meals, and maybe even to give everyone a chance to stretch their legs. So why not schedule a few stops at travel destinations or beauty spots, along the way?

Play some games.

Whether you’re road-tripping or traveling abroad, you can help your family pass the time by getting everyone involved in games or other entertaining activities. For smaller kids, “I Spy” can keep everyone well occupied. Or you could play any of the variations on the “I’m going on a trip” game, where everyone has to add and then memorize different objects in alphabetical order. Bring a book of mad libs to play with your family, or – if your kids are older – take turns writing your own.

Use devices strategically.

Your kids will probably be begging to play on their devices from the moment they start on your trip, but it’s a good idea to have them hold off at first. Keep them entertained with conversation, music, or just watching the scenery. Save the devices for when they start getting antsy later on in the trip. Load up your kids’ tablets or other devices with fun games or videos that don’t require Wi-Fi to keep them occupied when the time comes, especially to avoid hefty internet prices when you’re flying.

Opt for a low-key trip.

Family vacations can be a lot more relaxing if you keep things simple and affordable. Instead of worrying about the cost of a hotel stay, consider staying in a vacation rental, where the family can spread out and relax, and you can save money by cooking your own meals.

Of course, you can still keep things low-key and affordable if you’re itching for international travel. Try traveling in the shoulder season, booking a rental and avoiding the more touristy areas of popular cities. For example, if you’re looking at Cancun, you can save money and keep things breezy in the nearby city of Puerto Morelos. Or forgo Aruba and instead look to CuraƧao, which offers tropical vibes without the hefty pricetag.

While it’s wise to keep your itinerary flexible, be sure to plan for fun excursions like visiting historical sites, spending a day kayaking or boating or take in a few local museums.

Always have a plan B.

Travel can be fickle, particularly if you travel during the winter months or if you are traveling abroad. This is why it pays to have a plan B. Doing so ensures you can more easily wiggle your way through complications. For starters, go ahead and spring for the flight insurance. This can be a boon if you have to switch flights or carriers. When staying at a resort, using a package or traveling internationally, always go with travel insurance. This will cover cancellations, lost baggage and medical bills if you’re injured. 

 Additionally, consider other mishaps like a stolen wallet or a lost passport. These are instances that quickly become fun killers. A travel belt can be the best way to keep your wallet close, and sticky fingers away from your cash. However, if you fall prey to a pickpocket in Mexico, have a plan for your family to quickly send you money through a remittance service. Find a site that offers low fees, secure transfers and an abundance of pickup locations at your destination. As for your passport, make a copy of your passport, and leave one at home and keep one with you. Be sure to also store your passport in the hotel safe or keep it in your travel belt.

Whether it’s a quick day trip or a lengthy adventure, taking your kids traveling is an important way to make memories that will last a lifetime. Years from now the kids probably won’t remember the times they complained that they were bored or begged to get their devices out – but they will remember the fun times you enjoyed together.

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