Tips for Counteracting the Pandemic's Impact on Women


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The current pandemic has affected everyone in one way or another but seems especially hard-hitting for women. This is because women tend to take on the majority of the household chores and child care concerns and have been attempting to balance working remotely with their other responsibilities. One study found that one-quarter of women are considering leaving the workforce this year. Further, about 1.7% of women have left their jobs since the start of the pandemic.

 If you are one such woman experiencing a pandemic-induced slump, never fear. Today, Glamour Moments is here to offer a few simple tips for getting back on track and living your best life.

 Ask for Help

If you feel overwhelmed juggling children and chores, consider asking for help. Even if you have left your job or were staying home with your kids pre-pandemic, you may feel overwhelmed with the constant responsibilities. Take breaks when you can and ask your partner for assistance.

 Perhaps they could agree to make dinner once a week and do the dishes on other nights. Children can also help out. If your offspring is old enough, assign them daily or weekly chores. Even most four-year-olds can feed a pet or help dust furniture. It is important that children learn that everyone in a family should pitch in. Since chores give kids a boosted level of confidence, everyone wins.

 Get Healthy

 The stress brought on by the pandemic has led to more binge drinking among American adults and even increased the likelihood of women developing coronary disease. You can try to avoid these unhealthy outcomes by spending time in nature and exercising regularly. Spending time outdoors improves people's overall sense of well-being. Exercise also helps in reducing stress and contributes to improved health – and that includes moms!

 To give yourself some extra motivation, pick up some comfortable yet stylish attire and listen to music, or even follow along with some exercise or yoga videos off of YouTube. Especially if you’re working out at home, give yourself as positive and calming a setting as possible so as to facilitate your newfound focus on wellness.

 Stay Connected

 The social isolation the pandemic has caused impacts everyone in one way or another. This may be especially true for stay-at-home moms and other women who find themselves out of work presently. Try to stay connected by participating in virtual activities like book clubs or even simple video chats with friends and relatives. When possible, set up outdoor playdates for your children. You can host events in your backyard for your own friends as well.

 Start a Business

 If you find yourself out of work due to the pandemic, or for any reason, starting a business could help you to boost your income while allowing you to retain the flexibility you need. Another way to make extra cash is to consider taking advantage of online money-making opportunities. Either option could provide you with the mental activity you require.


Market Effectively

 When you do decide to launch your own enterprise, bear in mind the importance of effective marketing. Creating a well-designed logo is one way to get a jump on developing a recognizable brand so you can stand out from the competition. Online logo makers are an affordable alternative to costly design services. Internet logo tools allow users to select a style and icon, add in any necessary text and choose their preferred color and font.

 If you have some leeway in your budget and are able to invest a little more in your branding efforts, work with a graphic designer or illustrator to create a logo and other imagery that truly represents your brand. You can be set up with a recognizable logo that’s your business’s and business’s alone, which, in turn, will do wonders for your brand authority.

 Though the pandemic has proven especially difficult for women, there are many ways you can stay connected to your community and explore new territory by heading up your own company.

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