[2009] Jerry Yan to Daomisyel: "Are you tired?"

Those exactly were the words Jerry asked when it was Daomisyel’s turn to have her CDs autographed. Daomisyel probably looks tired that’s why. She said no, and then Jerry said, "I'm not tired too. I'm glad you enjoyed Taiwan. Hope to see you again." Jerry has signed a few thousands of CDs by then – and a couple of thousands more to go. She was the 526th in line with six CDs in hand and there were still about 1800 more in line with approximately six CDs each. She was ecstatic, of course. It is Jerry Yan talking to her! Jerry himself!

Daomisyel has been a big Jerry Yan and F4 fanatic since Meteor Garden aired in the Philippines in 2003. She has gone to concerts and attended meet and greet events, local and international. She is a proud owner of a wide array of Jerry Yan an F4 memorabilia. Almost al things any one of the group releases - albums, photo books, endorsements – she probably has it. That is how much of a huge F4 fan she is.

2009 Taiwan. Standing at a huge Jerry Yan backdrop. This was taken in the morning before the signing.

Upon learning of my friend Daomisyel’s Taiwan trip for Jerry Yan’s album launching, I have been asking her if I can make an article about her trip. Of course, I asked if I can interview her, and gladly, she agreed. So I immediately arranged for us to meet immediately upon arriving so we can conduct the interview.

While writing this, we’re having our late lunch, looking at pictures and videos taken at the two-day fan event. Recapping what happened, Daomisyel can’t help but giggle and gush like a little high school girl seeing Jerry Yan in person – well, it IS Jerry Yan himself, only she’s about twice the age of a little high school girl.

We have been measuring up her experience to the Buddhism concept of Nirvana. She said she probably reached her limit of her fandom. She talked to Jerry Yan himself nonetheless. She handed the gifts we prepared that was personally received by Jerry, she melted when his eyes met hers (- which lasted for about three seconds – she counted - Editor). As of writing, she can still be found in cloud nine, corner seventh heaven.

2009, Jerry Yan Fan Worldwide Meeting. With Jerry Yan himself.

As her friends – and fellow fans - we were a bit disappointed when she came home with only a few pictures and videos captured from her digital camera and the rest were stories and history. But we understand, like what we have been saying, she is in her Jerry Nirvana – whatever she saw, had, heard, felt, experienced back in Taipei, is hers to keep. We like to keep her in her utmost happiness – for now. (Haha! - Editor)

In hopes that this article would reach the people to be mentioned, Daomisyel would want to express her gratitude to Fenny for being an angel, letting her have her very short but sweet and unforgettable moments with Jerry. She’s also thankful to Jerry for the short conversation they had and for personally receiving our gift.

Like what Jerry said, Daomisyel enjoyed her very first Taiwan trip. She may no have gone sightseeing and went on a tour around, what she saw and experienced was more than enough that she’s willing to go back and do it again next time. And like what Jerry told her, she’s also hoping to see Jerry again.

credits to kungfu_candy of tsinoy

Update: I was able to save this video that taken when Jerry Yan arrived in the fan meet. Me and my friends were seated at the back and I noticed cameras were focused on our direction. I told them to watch out  for  Jerry will be arriving soon. Sorry for the blurry video, my hands were shaking and excited to see him upclose!

Fans were also featured on his "Thank You" Music Video (Freedom Album). We're so lucky to be part of this video!

Screencap at 1:59 :)

Watch the full MV here:


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