A Tribute to the King of Pop at Eastwood City

Michael Jackson, Eastwood City
Millions of tears have been shed. Too many tributes have been given. Yet, all these do not seem enough to exalt and bid goodbye to the one true king that we have witnessed in our lifetime: the King of Pop, Michael Jackson. And no matter what all of us do, the reality is, he is gone and we can never hear his voice again; we can never see his powerful dance moves; we can never bring him back.

But for one last time, let us all pay homage to the King of Pop who reigned for four solid decades and revolutionized the world of pop music. Witness MJ fans imitate their idols and relive those moments when he “moonwalked” to the top of the music world. Listen to his music once again and reminisce how his songs “made you feel,” or how it ”rock with you” through the different phases of your life.

Celebrate the king’s life and be part of the Michael Jackson Tribute with Magic 89.9 Friday Madness and Eastwood City on Friday, July 10, 8pm, at the Eastwood City Central Plaza, Quezon City. Duncan, Luke Mejares, and other artists will be performing to honour the King of Pop through music.


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