Blogger Fiesta! : 11th anniv party for - PRODUCTION NOTES


Since am also helping to organize this activity, i'll be providing my own production notes.
I already printed some of the materials needed for the event tomorrow. Also, I bought the utensils to use - plastic cups, paper plates, spoons/forks, etc

So happy that we are about to reach the 100 (attendees) and expect for more because you can also bring your friends to enjoy this very timely activity (Yes, it's open for everyone eventhough you are not a blogger or not using as your platform)

Our goals are the following:
-to celebrate's 11th year
-to meet friends (bloggers, non-bloggers, aspiring bloggers, etc)
-get advices from different experts in blogging, social media, website development, etc
-exchange experiences, thoughts, and ofcourse, links :)

Special thanks to Fullybooked and Krispy Kreme, I've also heard Greenwich is sending a special gift too.

So, see you tomorrow and let's have some fun.

For details logon to:


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