What a Week!

After working twelve hours straight last friday, i'm still energized. My week just started by attending the Technopreneur's Secret Revealed, a Entrep-Summit seminar (thanks to JCI Manila). The speakers were different fields a more combined entrepreneurship and technology. Defining our own strengths and weaknesses in our business is very challenging. Yes, we can minimize the failures but what the most important thing to do is to plan carefully and never get tired of evaluating to try your ideas.

Am sharing the slides they used and this is very helpful to each one of us specially for those who would like to start their business online. Primarily, what you need is to think of something that you love to do and formulate ideas on how you are going to do it. How you are going to succeed? Well, honestly, we have different formulas to use. Strategies may be differ from one another but on how you are going to interpret it is the question.

-Start with the one you love doing

-Think of uniqueness

-Research for resources

-Start creating your profiles online

-Make yourself visible; branding; make it viral

-Attend seminars, meetings, gatherings

-And don't hesistate to ask for guidance


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