Five Simple Ways to be Happy

Yesterday, I have attended 5pm mass at St Pio Chapel in Libis and its homily reminded us on how each of us can be happy.

This is not just being self-centered focusing on material things but also how we can able become a better person, spiritually speaking.

Free your heart from hatred:
Let of of the negative things on your mind and send out kindness to everyone

Free your mind from worries: Sometimes, I worry about anything haha usually I pretend that it didn't bother me much but when you exercise to relax and understand on how you can able to absorb all your worries and concentrate on the positive things around you. I feel better.

Live simply: Forget about those luxury and start to choose simple things around you that will makes you feel happy regardless of your lifestyle. Sometimes, it's good to dream about those expensive travels, gadgets, etc.

Give more: Any form of thoughtfulness can make yourself satisfy helping other people. Doesn't matter if its material or any form of kindness. As long as you make someone happy, you're selfless.

Expect less: I am a victim of expecting too much, worrying about not able to complete each tasks I've made at the end of the day. I begin to understand that happiness is something that we feel, not coming from other people - but how you feel happy inside :)

Last thing that I've learned was to give your best shot or else you'll regret it. There are unexplainable things that you will encounter in the future and always bear in mind that you should have make an extra effort to work it out smoothly because it will only happen once in your life otherwise you will lose the chance :) whatever the result, it will always be one of your sweetest memory (with no bitterness).

Note: I miss blogging, hopefully I can go back to my normal blogging routine. April and May are my two busiest months.


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