Kettle Korn: Poppin’ Fun All The Time!


I love watching Sci-Fi / Action flicks and If am going to star in my own movie, I want something mysterious like discovering another dimension or any UFO related stories like ET! :) Chasing some bad aliens and saving the world.

Seriously, my story will a different perspective. I wanted a more realistic scenes wherein I will feature my own story - my so-called life. Definitely, it would be my fangirl adventure. Why do we always chase our favorite Idols and there goes with meeting our favorite Superstar. I'll be featuring our escapades, our overseas trips, falling in line under the sun, meeting some new friends along our way and discover our favorite artists' inner characters (their tantrums, moods and how they value us - friends!).

We love watching movies with our family and friends, one thing that we never missed was eating Kettle Korn popcorns. I could hoard packs of Kettle Korn popcorns and eat them while having a DVD marathon at home.

This blog post serves as my entry for Kettle Korn and Nuffnang contest, Kettle Korn’s Poppin Fun’ “Fast & Furious 6” Movie Screening Contest


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