Dear Stalker, Marvin Encina - Sampaloc, Quezon

I am a very private person. In fact, on my social networking sites though my work revolves around the Internet, I have only few chosen friends on my list. Because I believe on 'privacy' and 'exclusivity' of each accounts, I rarely accept people who don't have connections with me (or let's say I don't add random people if we don't have mutual connection).

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During these past months, I received 'anonymous calls' from this certain person which I won't reveal his identity until something came up so I have to mention his name or post some evidences of his stupidity. I remembered that I gave my # because he might be traveling to the USA and we can keep in touch (we're friends -- before!). I didn't know that he will use it for 'stalking purposes.' He called a couple of times whenever He has signal and badmouthed me of some things that I don't recall.

Good thing that I have installed a 'phone tracking location app' wherein the location of the caller will be revealed on my caller Id list. This person cannot denied it because it was his route and I answered the call (heard his voice) then after a few seconds, hang it.

Also, this person emailed me accusing me of spreading 'rumors' about him. So I said, you better prove it that I was the one who's spreading this thing, otherwise better get a lawyer because I will make sure that I am innocent and you will be liable if ever you didn't prove that I'm the person behind all of this nonsense issues.

What I have learned from this incident is to record all your conversations. I praised the power of 'screenshots' because it will serve as an evidence that this person keeps on bothering you. Specially, when this person said something 'nasty' and 'rude' against you.

Last month, a poser account had been spreading numerous malicious posts about this person's ex-marital affairs. I took a screenshots and send it over. I suspect if this is the real one or a fake because this person has numerous Facebook accounts. At the end, this person accuses me of spreading the news against him which I am not capable of doing it. I am a busy person and have my own life. I didn't even know what's happening until I saw a friend request.

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About this person (Marvin Encina). He is known for courting every women He meet online (Facebook). A certified womanizer according to some sources who known him personally. Not only that, He keeps on 'storytelling' about his ex-marital affairs to his friends which He is proud of.

So next time, better be careful on anything we said online or who we meet or talk to. I posted my latest rant and mention this person's name so if you are on my network, you'll able to see who he is. Oh well, you'll see his name on the screenshots above. I am not afraid to face him because I know that I am innocent!

To you who accused me of something that I didn't do, better keep your mouth shut. Or else, you'll be liable on this.

And, I didn't even know who are your friends. You keep mentioning of names that I didn't know personally.

Besides, I have my own life here in USA. I won't waste my time on you.

Get a life. BITCH.



Now, this MARVIN ENCINA is spreading some fabricated stories. He told his friends that I owe him money which is not true. In fact, he asked a favor if I can help him to borrow some cash because his budget is depleting, so as a good friend, I helped him to loan through a friend of mine and now this conversation shocked me:

[caption width="270" id="attachment_9822" align="aligncenter"]Marvin Encina, Sampaloc Quezon This is REAL.[/caption]

[caption width="516" id="attachment_9823" align="aligncenter"]Marvin Encina, Sampaloc Quezon FABRICATED STORY.[/caption]

Facebook Profiles of Marvin Encina

He removed some of his accounts but I am sure try to search his name over Facebook.

New Account - Marvin Encina

Old Account - Marvin Encina / Marvin Encina / Marvin Encina

Marvin is married to certain Jenny of Valenzuela City, who had rumors that He was caught cheating during their 8 months or less relationship as a married couple.



(2015) Last year, He tried to message me again using his new account asking to delete my blog post. Why am going to do that? I am not afraid of exposing him because He is insane. I told him to stay away and I blocked him. Then, he created another account. This guy is so sick and desperate.

Someone sent me those screenshots and I am posting it here for my documentation of proof if he comes back and try to threaten me again.

Look at how many accounts He created just to stalk me!

His womanizing activity is still ongoing...... the list goes on.


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