One Direction: Ruling the world

Hey, I am not a 1D fan but I just browsed this documentary in Hulu and thinking what do these five guys went through as they have been 'popular' globally (curiousity!). Honestly, I didn't know them until I saw one of my staff listening to their songs and browsing Youtube clips during breaktime. I was curious and asked who are these young guys? And she replied giggling, "Ma'am, One Direction po." Search nyo po sa Youtube. I said, okay fine. Boyband? And she smiled, yes po.

[caption id="attachment_9768" align="aligncenter" width="455"]1d-2 screen caps from Youtube[/caption]

While I browsed their clips online, saw that they were from X Factor. So, I listen to one of their songs and I said to her, the lyrics of 'What makes you beautiful' is good. I wonder why girls (in your age), are giggling while watching them just like in my BackStreet Boys days. Then, I distracted her and said, hey let's watch NKOTB and BSB concert so that you will meet my two favorite boyband of all time. The girls agreed and I purchased the tickets. Boyband rules! LOL

Harry, Liam, Zayn, Niall and Louis auditioned for the X Factor 2010 individually and they didn't make it until Simon Cowell suggested to put them together as a boyband and let's say, the rest is history as we speak in terms of success. 1D album sold millions of copies worldwide and won several awards like Brit Awards. If you would like to know 1D better, you have to watch this clip. There were interviews, footages and testimonials on how 1D made to the stardom.

What I like most in 1D is they are very approachable on that time. They go out to reach out their fans, promote themselves anywhere (streets, malls, radio stations, etc!) and they are kind to fans. That is one good quality that they have. I don't know right now coz they are now big time (guards were behind them!). Unlike other artists that have this kind of 'snob' attitude. 1D has captured the hearts of young girls.

[caption id="attachment_9769" align="aligncenter" width="438"]screen caps from Youtube screen caps from Youtube[/caption]

Some songs I am familiar with are "What makes you beautiful, One Thing, Live while we're young and Little Things." You hear these songs playing on the radio.

This documentary is a must experience to watch especially learning that after Westlife, One Direction made a successful group that exists as of today.

I've learned that 1D is performing in the Philippines as part of their world tour series. 1D has sa huge fan base here in the Philippines. I understand the 'fan girl' feeling of every young girls screaming and fainting the moment they found out that the tickets are almost SOLD OUT. I know its a bit pricey for an ordinary fan girl who can't afford the VIP area, but the most valuable and memorable thing there is you have to be on the same ground no matter how far your ticket price is.
Unfortunately, Philippines don't have good open venue. I hate MOA grounds because you cannot see them unless you buy the nearest triple VIP ticket LOL Just enjoy the show! For some who save a lot of money, lucky them! And I heard that 1D will be having 2 shows.

That's unbelievable.

So girls, goodluck on your 1D journey. I hope it will last for more than 10 years like BSB or NKOTB.

One Direction is also performing in Chicago this August 2014. winks.


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