Backstreet Boys: Show 'Em What You're Made Of (No Spoiler)

I've seen so many documentaries from Michael Jackson (my favorite!), Katy Perry, One Direction and a lot more - this is considered as one of the best to date. The moment I found out that Backstreet boys reunited few years ago, I've never missed watching their shows in the Philippines. As fan for almost more than a decade -- a fan girl will always cherish BSBforever, this is one of the best product they've produced!


I will not spoil you instead I'm going to give you my overall insights about the flick. As you can imagine how they managed to overcome different struggles in life - from how they have been discovered individually, became part of the BSB, abused as an artist, personal crisis -- and a lot more were revealed on this documentary.

The most interesting part was when they remembered their childhood moments, with family, friends and just like throwbacks - fears, disappointments and regrets were brought back... you will be moved...


Unlike in other documentaries wherein it only focuses on their present challenges in life as an artist and individual...BSB recalled their fun and sour moments as a group for 20 years! As the group prepares for their upcoming tour (when some footages where shown), as a 90s fan girl - it felt like I didn't knew them!!!

You will be surprised when the group finally revealed their grudges (which they couldn't hide anymore). Confrontations, foul words, throwing blames - were most absorbing moment. It shows that they are just human beings that made their friendship continues to blossom and will continue to support each other.

I may say, Backstreet Boys is not just a boyband that will rise and you'll never see again. In fact, after 10 years, they were visible again. I hope this will serves as an inspiration to all artists, BSB is my one of my favorite boyband before I met F4 :)

I've read that BSB is coming back to the Philippines in May 2015. Manila is one of their favorite crowd - one of the loudest too :) scream for me, yaaaah!!!!



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