The 2015 Valentine's Day Post - Countdown Suggestion List

Are you ready for Valentine's Day? February 14 is fast approaching (Goodbye January!) and some will start searching for great gift ideas for Valentine's Day. Before you go out on a date, let me give you some topics or ideas to save you from this love crisis, ahem.


Use of Keywords
"Valentine's day gift ideas"
"Cheap flowers on Valentine's Day"
"Shows on Valentine's Day"
"Top 10...of anything this Valentine's Day"
"Hotel Deals on Valentine's Day"

and many to mention.

What I'm trying to say is, be creative in writing your Valentine story. Make use of those "common" keywords I've mentioned above and personalize it. Claim it as you own it! Another tip is, the use of Search Engines - start researching and listing down important information you needed. You may also start reviewing the top valentine gifts in your local area like flowers, chocolates or jewelries.

Web Researching: Stop copy pasting!
I know many of you will browse online and cut information in order to create a Valentine topic. You better stop doing it! If you ran out of topics to write why not conduct a survey on Social networks. Ask your friends about certain issues like do they celebrate Valentine? why and why not? or when was the last time they celebrated Valentine's...and ask more questions!

Buying habit: flowers are expensive on the 14th!
If you have plans of recording your Valentine's experience. Consider the consumer's buying habit. You will amaze how they plan their Valentine's. Starting from reserving a seat in a restaurant, pre-ordering flowers, booking reservations in hotel, purchasing other gift items like jewelries, bags or gadgets for their loved ones.

Social Network #hashtags
Do not forget to join the bandwagon of hashtags! This is your chance to increase your online presence. Hashtag fever is on its way this Valentine's so you better watch out for it.
May your crush follows you!

Brainstorming - start your campaign right now!
No more last minute decisions. Starts planning your blog campaigns and sort out any events related to Valentine's. You may need a Valentine partner but the most exciting to do is to establish good partnership to some brands and develop a strategic Valentine campaigns with them.

Alright, let's start thinking our Valentine campaigns for 2016. Just kidding!


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