Blogapalooza 2015: The power of blogging and building brands

First, I would like to thank my correspondent for attending Blogapalooza despite of her busy schedule she managed to represent my blog. And, I would like to congratulate Blogapalooza for another successful event.


For those first timers (I know there were a lot of them), I welcomed you to the crazy world of blogging! I hope you guys learned a lot during the event and scored some 'pro blogging tips.'

Let me share to you some of goals we had when attending events like in Blogapalooza. I know networking is one of our first priority that include introducing yourselves to the organizers and other attendees, getting to know the blogging industry, looking for potential clients and researching for possible connections to other bloggers. But also don't forget that your blog is the official passport in order to succeed so start tweaking your blog to generate audience and conversions.


1. When covering events, make sure that your blog is well represented. That means you or your correspondent should aware of the event's schedule and plan ahead. To avoid mix up or confusion with your attendance, double check if your name was included in the RSVP. Contact the event's representative or digital media manager who handles "blogger" media.

2. Camera/Mobile phones are your best friends. One of your task is to take photos or record any happenings during and after event. If possible, make sure you take photos of the panel or speaker or products. Make sure you know them and write down any important information you gather. Don't relay in Press Release, instead manage to have your own voice or opinion like asking questions or clarification during the presentation.

3. Live posts. Tweets. IG. There were moments that the event uses #hashtags or will ask you to use some of keywords for them to monitor the social media activity during the event. If you are not into Social Media, you better start learning them because live posts is automatically considered boosting your social media presence. Tag people who do you think will love your post, especially those who invited you.

4. Connect with other bloggers and start following them in Social Networks. Start promoting your posts and ask for assistance with other bloggers. There were "few" bloggers who I can recommend who are willing to help newbies. That includes my brother, Azrael.

5. Blog after event. To ensure quality content on your blog, make sure the posts are relevant. How to make a relevant blog post? Start with a catchy title which describe your post. Then, write your story. Copy pasting Press Release cannot be avoided but make your own description. I would rather read a short blog post (using your experience as guide) than seeing a press release article.

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Most of the time, there are round up or follow up posts published every after event covering different stories. Like in Blogapalooza, you can write as many blog posts as possible. Like selecting a brand that you would love to write about or share your experience during the event. I know posting about brand is not mandatory but I encourage you to write about them because this is your chance to showcase your talent.

Thank you Blogapalooza for organizing B2B and to its sponsors, for trusting bloggers to promote their brands and use the power of blogging and social media.


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