Say hello to the 63-foot Christmas tree in Millennium Park, Chicago, IL

This year, Chicago's annual Christmas tree was moved to Millennium park which was an excellent idea because people can take a look into this beautiful tree in addition to other attractions ice skating rink and Santa Claus house. We went last year at the Chriskindlmarket and it was so crowded. It so hard to take a photo and the space were limited. We were curious on how it looked like this year so despite of rains, we managed to hop around the city and enjoyed the beauty of the Christmas tree.


The 63-foot Christmas tree can be seen at Millennium Park between Washington and Michigan Avenue. So if you get off from Blue Line, just take the State Street all the way going to Michigan Avenue. Or if you get off from Washington, you'll able to see Chriskindlmarket and Millennium Park is just few blocks away.

Holiday attractions in Millennium Park is free.

Millennium Park


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