My love and hate relationship with Excel

I know it's funny but I admit that I have been using Excel for almost 10 years and since Microsoft Office upgrades the most lovable spreadsheet, I got lost sometimes especially when formatting tables, creating formulas and pivots.

Excel is one of the best spreadsheets to use. If you haven't purchase Microsoft Office, you can use free source spreadsheet like Open Office but the features were limited.

excel cert

When Excel 2013 arrived, some companies have limited resources and still using the old version. Some says using the new one is much easier because of its functionality but we need proper training and introduction to use the new features.

There were incidents that I made mistakes in generating reports because some elements were missing when I modify the changes and I had my most embarrassing moment when I said that I never heard/use about "VLOOKUP."


We need to be flexible and one of my goal last year is to study (refresher course) Excel. I'm glad that I have found a coupon in Groupon and I enrolled this Excel 2013 course at RobustIT - Online


excel online course

There were 10 modules in this course. At the end of the each module, there is a quiz section. You have to get at least 4 answers (there were 5 questions) to be able to pass. Once you have finished all modules, an online certificate is available at the end of the session.

I also found extra activities and resources available for download. I save them all and will be studying more about the pivots, tables and formulas.

How about you? Do you know other Excel tricks? Please share it with us!


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