Bailey May Album Launch and Press Conference

IMG_20160126_142054Bailey May, a thirteen-year old boy from the UK, is giving showbiz a try after his stint at the PBB house, and is now launching his first album "Bailey". His debut album was produced by no less than the Inspirational Diva herself, Ms. Jamie Rivera. It consist of six songs and minus one versions of each.

The carrier single, "Gusto Kita", as well as "Can You Be My Girl?" and other songs from the album can now be streamed via Spotify and is now available through online music stores and record bars.




Overheard: About the BoyIMG_20160126_142909

Most of the elderly media people present at the press conference do not know Bailey May and they sure made it obvious. They had their reservations with the kid, questioning his singing ability without actually hearing him sing. They were quick to judge, undermining his potential - all these things and they do not know who he is at all. They have not even considered the fact that Bailey is just a child and that they may damage the kid with all their brutal questions and comments.

IMG_20160126_142738_3They also question Ms. Jamie Rivera's decision to produce his album, without knowing anything about Ms. Rivera's history in songwriting and producing. I have to give props to Ms. Rivera for quickly deflecting these insulting questions, comments and suggestions thrown at Bailey.

You might think that since he wanted to be in showbiz, he should have a thick skin. But we are dealing with a child here. A CHILD. These are all overheard at the back of the press conference. They do not have the courage to say it up front though.


It's really unfortunate to be the one hearing all these things being said about a poor kid who is only trying out his luck in showbiz in his mother's homeland. I guess I just discovered who the root of all bashers before the existence of social media are. They hide behind tabloids.


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