Jackie Chan's The Foreigner

I enjoyed watching movies in the cinemas or at home and sometimes I recommend good movies after watching them by posting to my Facebook account. I rarely write a movie review because I am not good in storytelling or giving out spoiler alerts. So, don't raise your eyebrows if you read this one. I just said, I am just a happy moviegoer.

I just finished watching Kung Fu Yoga in Netflix when I browsed Facebook and saw that Jackie Chan has another movie. Kung Fu Yoga is a typical martial arts-nerd scientist-comedy flick so I'll just skip reviewing it :) Let's talk about, "The Foreigner" which Rotten Tomatoes gave a high score and most reviews online were outstanding!

The movie is actually based on the novel, "The Chinaman" when a Chinese London Businessman named "Quan" had to revenge to give justice for the murder of his child who was a victim in a bank bombing. The first few minutes of the film describes a happy father-daughter relationship. His daughter is excited to pick up her dress at the store when the bomb exploded. Then, the rest of the film is about revenge, politics, betrayal and justice.

This is not typical martial arts film as we knew Jackie Chan is very good at. He portrayed a serious father, who seeks answer who are the people responsible for the bomb attack. Liam, British official played by Pierce Brosnan had a dark past in relation to the "Authentic IRA" faction group which he denied being involved. That's a giveaway clue, isn't it?

Quan (Jackie) started to believed that Liam (Pierce) know something about the bombing incident which leads him to rage when the British Police can't give answers. His first move was he planted an improvised bomb in the common restroom which Quan became too violent because they keep on denying the issue. It's more like a hide and seek story but you'll be surprised of Quan's skills (He was an experienced veteran of special forces in Vietnam and had a depressing experience losing some members of his family when He migrated in the wake of the American war).

The story got interesting at the very end. So, you better listen carefully to all dialogues even though you find it boring because it is not a full action movie. The clues were already given in the middle part of the story. If you are good in recalling some scenes, you can easily solve the case. Also, don't forget to put the clues together while watching the movie. It will help you to understand why Liam needs to hide.

Overall, the story is really good and my attention was really into Jackie Chan's serious acting. Thinking if there will be a sequel because the conclusion was a little vague to me. I also wish for more serious projects for Jackie Chan. He is such a good actor. A living legend.


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