Press Release: Sin Island: A Different Valentine's

“The greatest sin in love is to not fight for it. But, how far will you go to fight for love?”

STAR Cinema presents Sin Island – a different kind of love story this Valentine season starring Coleen Garcia, Xian Lim, and Nathalie Hart.

Directed by Gino Santos and with a screenplay by Jancy Nicolas, Sin Island is a sexy romance film that seeks to find out if a marriage could truly survive two infidelities.

The story revolves around picture perfect married couple David (Lim) and Kanika (Garcia) whose paradise in each other’s arms will be put to the test as Kanika enters into a dangerous affair shortly after the career of David tanks into a downward spiral. As David discovers Kanika’s transgressions, he flees to Sinilaban Island where he meets and engages in a carnal affair with a girl named Tasha (Hart). Despite their mistakes, David and Kanika decide to rekindle their relationship but Tasha refuses to let go of David.

Sin Island is Coleen Garcia’s fourth movie under the direction of Gino Santos, from Hashtag Y, Ex with Benefits, to Love Me Tomorrow. Coleen is successfully positioned as one of the industry’s hottest and most prized talents whose impressive body of work both on television and in film continues to grow stronger as time passes.

On the other hand, it is definitely worth noting that Xian Lim as his character David proves to be his most mature role in this brave film.

Sin Island also marks the very first movie of Nathalie Hart under Star Cinema. Hart gained mainstream popularity as a sexy indie actress. With her stunning good looks coupled with her impressive acting prowess, Hart may be perceived to be the next big thing in the industry.

With an overflow of sensuality, the love triangle of Coleen, Xian, and Nathalie is expected to be the most sizzling and most talked about film of the season as director Gino Santos stays true to his unique brand of edgy filmmaking with this sexy and dangerous love triangle. Indeed, this is the first time in a long time that Star Cinema will be producing this type of risqué movie.

Is there really a distinction between emotional and physical cheating? Is a marriage worth restoring if both husband and wife ruined it? How should a millennial couple deal with infidelity? Find out all the answers in this unapologetic, bold, daring, and scandalous adult love story.

Sin Island also stars TJ Trinidad, Lito Pimentel, Ricardo Cepeda, Marina Benipayo, Bernard Palanca, Joyce Burton, Dominic Ochoa, Thou Reyes, Charlie Dizon, McCoy de Leon, Desiree del Valle, and Nikki Valdez.

Sin Island is showing in cinemas nationwide starting February 14.


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