Facebook Messenger Rooms is now available!

We tested the new Facebook Messenger Rooms yesterday. I saw that it rolled out on my Facebook account so I invited some of my family and friends to try it. Rooms have no time limits and can host up to 50 people (I can now imagine the chaos of people talking at the same time!). You can also join even if you don't have a Facebook account. Just click the invite link and you're able to join. There were some issues for some users who don't update their Facebook Messenger app and browser compatibility.

1. "Create a Room" is located on Facebook account above my Stories

2. Create A room: Select room activity, Who is invited and time (you can set your own schedule)

3. Select your Room Activity: can be anything you want to describe your room like coffee break, hanging out, karaoke, get together and you can also custom your own activity.

4. Invite Specific friends - you can select you can enter your room or Skip if you want to send a link to people (even random people that are not your friends in Facebook)

5. Turn on link sharing before sending your link

6. Copy the link and send it to random people. Your friends can send this invite link and get connected!

7. Don't forget to END ROOM once you're done. Leave Room will keep other people from joining. Once you leave, and someone decided to join, you'll receive a call. END ROOM will disabled the link that you shared.

8. You can share slide presentation during your meeting and use Rooms as your meeting venue!

9. Cool effects includes filters, emojis, backgrounds, effects and games! We had so much fun yesterday trying all these cool effects!


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