My Quarantine Life Video

On our 50th day of self-quarantine and stay at home order in United States. I'm currently working from home and went outside 3x since March 15 when stay at home order was implemented.

I've created a short video clip on my daily life and stuff that I did during those days. Nothing much to detail, more on eating! Just to remind everyone to continue practice social distancing, wash your hands, sanitize and call your health provider if you're not feeling well (don't go outside).

I went to my doctor appointment on April and there were very strict when I called to schedule my visit. They asked first how are you feeling and some questions related to symptoms of Covid-19. They also asked if someone in the family is sick or if you have been exposed to someone who has been tested positive. When I entered the front entrance of the clinic, there were nurses standing by. I registered my name and they took my temperature. Upon entering the counter to check in, it took me like few minutes and waited. I went to complete my vaccination since my doctor recommended to follow up on April. The nurse called me and she administered my vaccine and left the clinic.

 I booked an Uber going to the store to buy some food supplies. I noticed that the car has plastic cover in driver's area and he's wearing a face mask. It was funny because He was my driver when He picked me up from my apartment and He picked me up again going to the store. We were laughing that He might be the only Uber driver working on that day. So I told him, you're lucky if you're going to pick me up again right after my grocery shopping!

Upon entering the store, there was a crew who sprayed and wiped out the grocery cart handles. I went inside and everybody including the staff were wearing masks. But some don't practice social distancing, I went around the aisle to avoid bumping to people. Some items were sold out but there were other options (brands) to choose. There were "footprint" marks saying you should practice social distancing. So I followed and waited once a person left the aisle, I go in. I just hated when someone from the egg section open the containers and touch the eggs! That was so disgusting so I grab another box from the bottom (different brand).

The lines were long and people are almost two feet away (carts) to each other. Reusable bags is not allowed inside so I have to organized my goods outside while waiting for the Uber driver. Forgot to mention that the weather is very nice, warm and slightly windy! I still wear a jacket each time I went for a walk.

We're still on stay at home order until end of May. We'll see what will happen next. I'm going to blog some more stuff right after May to update what's going on. I pray that the virus will go away and everyone should take care. Just be responsible when going out. Wear a mask, sanitize or wash your hands and disinfect. I watched some videos on how to protect your self  and how to clean your grocery items when you arrive at home or even if the stuff you ordered from online shopping store like Amazon need to sanitize as well.

Take care everybody and Let's keep in touch through this blog. How about you what is your quarantine story? You can post or share your stories on my comment section!


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