Challenges of Working from Home (Over a year now)

 It was on March 15th, 2020 (the day after my birthday) that the government announced the lockdown so we waited on the weekend if how our work will be affected. So, we received an email and text message that all employees will be working from home until further notice. It was my first time to work full week at home since we have scheduled remote days. I'm glad I was able to set up right away - two monitors, Bluetooth keyboard & mouse, headset and computer chair. I have a good Internet connection but it really depends on the season (sometimes it gets windy or there will be a thunderstorm warning and snow storm) so I have the XFINITY app to check if there are outages.

Birthday banners all year round 

It saved me some time since I take public transportation going to the office and going back home. I have an extra hour to sleep in and I have full energy when the day started. The only challenge I had was not able to move around since I have been stuck on my room all day (grabbing food and water when needed in the kitchen). Everybody is working from home so we haven't seen each other "physical" faces since 2020. Many love the new normal set up but I prefer face-to-face when I need to figure out something.

Bingo with Friends

Bingo with our Niles Police Dept

We usually have scheduled video calls and happy hours which is fun to see everyone-anywhere! But sometimes the downside of it is you get isolated more often and you will realize you're burning out with back-to-back calls and meetings. I registered to some learning sessions online (after work via zoom) and discovered other stuff so that I will have another focus - we joined online bingo (with friends and our village), Facetime with family & friends, attending webinars, online concerts and watching Youtube channels to support my family & friends channels. Yes, please support them as that's the only way they can earn $ through the ads.

DIY Hello Kitty Funko

I also avoided reading Social Media since the cyberspace is divided (pros-cons) everywhere. I unfollowed negative people and unsubscribe to pages that spreads fake news. I also tried some artworks during weekends and create projects to divert the attention instead of checking Social Media. Well, I have to admit I have been binge watching since the start of the pandemic and I am happy I was able to watch the shows that were pending on my list. Someone asked me if I get bored since I am stuck at home - my answer is -NO! There were a lot of stuff to do and I am working everyday so I don't know why people get bored easily? 

Binge watching Disney+

I cannot wait for everyone to go back to the office and live the new normal. But honestly, I kinda like this set up right now since I don't have to go out and rush every working to catch the bus :) hehe

How about you? What are your challenges in working from home? Feel free to share on the comment box and I hope everything is OK with you. Stay Safe.


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