Getting my Covid-19 Vaccine

I haven't been blogging since the pandemic started last year. Not because I ran out of ideas or topics to blog but I don't have the drive to write something. When the lockdown was announced on March 2020, I was working from home until today. I also go out once or twice a week and limiting my activities outside. 

Until on March 2021, I was able to get my 1st dose of Covid-19 vaccine. I took some days off on that week to recharge and I was busy browsing online to find a schedule. The schedule from other vaccination facility were too far from my place, so I am patiently refreshing the website just to see if there is availability. I couldn't find any until Monday night (March 29) I thought of logging on to my clinic website and tried if I can score a schedule nearby my house. Then, at last! I've found several open time slots for Tuesday, March 30. I immediately fill out the form and my appointment was confirmed!

My appointment was 11am and I left the house at 10:30am since I have to go through the screening. The line wasn't bad and after 5 minutes I was called from the waiting area. Upon entering the facility, I saw tables with numbers and I was asked to go to that particular number assigned to me. The nurse asked some questions and she went ahead and I was inoculated with the first dose of Pfizer vaccine. The nurse also wrote down the 2nd dose schedule and She told me it will automatically logged to the LiveWell app (which is cool!).

I was instructed to wait for 15 minutes to make sure the vaccine won't give any side effects. I felt great while waiting. After 15 minutes, I went straight home and I just noticed that I am sweating! They also gave me a brochure on what to do in case I have experience any side effects. They told me to monitor at least 48 hours. My left arm started to sore but I am 100% feeling better! I work from home the next day!

My second dose was scheduled on April 20 - same time. I arrived a little early and upon checking in, I saw there was no one waiting so the nurse told me to go straight to the table and the nurse started to prepare my 2nd dose of Pfizer vaccine. She asked me first on how I felt on the 1st dose and I told her I felt great! After the inoculation I waited for 15 minutes to make sure there will be no side effects because I've read online that the 2nd dose will give you fever, chills and muscle pains. I went straight home and rest. After two hours, I felt that my left arm is so sore and painful than the 1st. After 48 hours, I didn't experience any side effects.

I documented my vaccination experience and uploaded it on Youtube for those who were interested to watch.


In United States, all adults 16yo and above are all welcome to get the Covid-19 vaccine. Check your area for available schedule. If you reside outside United States, check your local health provider or local government for announcement. I hope everyone will be vaccinated so that we can go back to the new normal set up.

Please let me know if you also got inoculated and share your experience. If you have questions please don't hesitate to read from the WHO, CDC or to your local health website.

Take care always and please stay safe. Wear your mask. Wash Your Hands. Sanitize.


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