Toycon 2022: Back With A Bang

After a two-year hiatus due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Philippine Toy, Hobbies, And Collectibles Convention is back on stage. And it delivers a grand experience for toy lovers once again. 

Going Back To Its Roots

In 2001, Toycon started as a simple gathering of toy enthusiasts at SM Megamall’s Megatrade Hall. Now, on its comeback after the pandemic, the organizers decided to return to the venue for this year. 

During the last few years, Toycon has held its event at the Mall Of Asia grounds. In fact, its 2020 iteration was already set to happen at MOA before being canceled due to the lockdowns. 

Thus, when I heard that they are holding the event once again at Megamall’s Megatrade Hall, I decided to come out of my own lockdown and head out. And it really felt nostalgic stepping into the Toycon halls again after two years. 

Despite the con essentially starting anew, supporters came out in full force. Various corporate sponsors set up their booths at the center of the Megatrade Hall. These include big companies like Smart Communications, ABS CBN, and Telesuccess Productions. Additionally, collector groups showed in force, like the Philippine Toy Group Association and Anime Alliance. 

Various artists also came to showcase their works. As I walked around the artist’s section, I spotted the legendary Pol Medina of Pugad Baboy fame. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to meet him up close due to the crowd. On the other hand, I did get a chance to meet popular Facebook comic artist Kevin Raymundo, also known as Tarantadong Kalbo. 

There were also a lot of unique art pieces on display. For instance, there was a large recreation of an Amorsolo painting made entirely out of Lego bricks. Definitely a sight to behold. 

But it wasn’t the visual arts who were represented here. There were also local novels of various genres available. One book caught my fancy and I decided to get a copy. It was titled Tablay, a mecha/sci fi story set in a future Philippines. Author Katrina Olan was gracious enough to grant a photo op and an autograph.

Toycon has always been a major supporter of the local artist community. So it was really nice to see them in full force to welcome it back. 

Of Superheroes and Super Robots

Some of the biggest highlights for this year’s Toycon comeback were the panels for the two local super shows that were set to premiere in the next few months. 

During Day Two, the crowd welcomed the Voltes Team from GMA7 upcoming Voltes V live action adaptation. Director Mark Reyes excitedly showcased some behind the scenes photos in his presentation, highlighting the scale of the production. While there was no trailer yet, Reyes announced that the series is set for a 2023 premiere. 

On Day Three, Darna herself Jane De Leon graced the stage, along with the cast of ABS CBN’s take on the iconic Pinay superheroine. The panel also showcased the trailer ABS released for the show. The trailer, which was released online a few days earlier, received a warm welcome from con goers. 

A few years back, I got to meet actress Liza Soberano during her announcement as Darna at Toycon. However, due to certain circumstances, she had to relinquish the role before filming started. But Darna’s stone looks like it’s in the right hands with Jane De Leon. 

Return To Toys And Toy Hunting

And since this is Toycon we are talking about, toys are back front and center. The Gallery section was packed with a multitude of exhibits. Even adult visitors got to let their inner child loose as they gleefully choked out the various displays. There were also plenty of customized toys that wowed enthusiasts. 

Toy sellers and toy hunters also excitedly did their business at the venue. There were more than a hundred stalls selling everything from the latest action figures to various anime merchandise. There was even K-Pop memorabilia for those who were more into that stuff. 

Due to the pandemic still being a threat, organizers kept reminding con-goers to disinfect their belongings, including the things they bought. But that didn’t dampen the spirits of attendees, as they weaved in and out of the shops to find that one figure they wanted. 

While it was a modest relaunch, Toycon 2022 was a massive success. And everyone is definitely glad that it is back. As for me, I head home with my new model kit and look forward to next year’s event. So, welcome back Toycon!!

About the author:

Roger Decierdo II. Home-based writer. I work for fun and food. Our exclusive ToyCon correspondent.


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Thank you so much for this article ❤️❤️❤️🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻
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It's good to be back on track ❤️
Unknown said…
It's good to be back on track ❤️
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