Eastwood City gives the less fortunate a chanceto be “born again” this Easter


Eastwood City gives the less fortunate a chanceto be “born again” this Easter

Eastwood City gives more meaning to Easter celebration. This year, Eastwood City will be partnering with the Urban Opportunities for Change Foundation (UOCF), a non profit organization that champions the Homeless World Cup Philippine Team, by donating part of its Easter festivity profits to the team who will be competing in the Homeless World Cup to be held in Brazil on September.

“We chose to partner with UOCF because we believe in their advocacy of giving our homeless brothers to be ‘born again’ by giving them a chance to better a life, through entrepreneurship and excelling in sports, which is for us, the real meaning of Easter,” said Kevin L. Tan, Megaworld Commercial Division head.

UOCF CEO Bill Shaw further explains, “projects like this is a unique and powerful opportunity to bring change in the communities and lives of the poor.”

Aside from the donations, Urban will also be selling Jeepney magazines, the Philippine’s street paper with alliances worldwide, during the Easter fair, to provide livelihood to its vendors who came mostly from depressed areas of the country.

“That’s why this year, we’re making our Easter Wonderland bigger—now featuring 7 Worlds, compared to last year’s 5— and more entertaining with more booths and freebies to invite more kids to come, so that we can support Urban and its projects better,” Tan added.

Eastwood City will turn into a mini theme park on Easter, April 4. Wonderland passports will be sold starting March 19, until the event day to access all the activities and booths inside Easter Wonderland.

Seven Worlds of Play and Imagination will be spread out in the entire Eastwood City commercial development, each one with a unique and interesting theme which kids can choose from.

Eastwood Mall Open Park will be home to two main attractions: the Art Planet and the Animal Ville which will feature egg painting sessions with Master Fernando Sena, pony rides, and a petting zoo. The Food Factory, meanwhile, will be at the Eastwood Mall Atrium, where CCA, Pizza Hut, Mrs. Q Cupcakes, Sandwich Guy, and Krispy Kreme, will each be giving food preparation and cooking techniques and free food samplers.

Right across would be the Eastwood Central Plaza which will house three worlds: the World of Inflatables, the Game Warp, and Science Emporium, featuring free games from Q Power Station and Timezone, and fun interactive exhibits. Imagination comes to life at Toy Land, located at Eastwood City Walk 2, highlighting giant board games, popular characters, and toy giveaways. Jeepney Magazine vendors will also be spread out all over Eastwood City to encourage support for their project.

Kids will also get a chance to win Nintendo DS Lites, Sony PSPs, and Ipod Shuffles from the Easter Wonderland raffle and special prizes at the Easter Wonderland Golden Eggs Hunt.

An Easter parade starting from the Art Planet will start the fair at 2:45 pm. The parade will be participated by a drum and bugle corps., costume contest participants, mascots, My Talent dancers, cosplayers, bikers from Flipbykes, and the players and advocates of the Homeless World Cup Philippine Team, who will lead a ceremonial soccer kicking to signify their quest to kick off poverty.

Wonderland passports are at P500.00 and this already entitles the kid a one-time access to booths and activities inside the fair, and two adults to accompany the kid. In excess, adults will have to pay and additional P50.00 per head to enter the fair. Part of the proceeds will go to the Homeless World Cup Philippine Team.

Advanced selling of Wonderland passports will be on March 19 to 31 at the Eastwood Mall Concierge. On-day registration will start at 11am. The Easter Wonderland will be open from 3pm to 8pm.

For inquiries, call 709-0888 or 709-9888 or visit www.eastwoodcity.com.
Teamwork is key. UOCF, organizer of Homeless World Cup Philippine Team, teams up with Eastwood City to champion their cause of giving the less fortunate a chance to better life through sport. Photo shows the Philippine Team huddling before their game in Milan, Italy last year.
Kick away poverty. The Homeless World Cup Philippine Team will do a ceremonial soccer ball kicking to open the Easter Wonderland parade to signify they are “kicking away their old life.”
Photo shows the Philippine Team playing for the Homeless World Cup in Italy last 2009.


Easter Parade of Colors. It will truly be a colorful parade with different groups and individuals will be coming in dressed in various costumes. The Homeless World Cup Philippine Team will be part of the parade as well and the costume contest participants will be part of the parade as well.
Costume contest participants will also be part of the Easter Wonderland parade.

Giant inflatables will rule the World of Inflatables at the Easter Wonderland where kids and even adults can jump up and down and have some fun!
Give that cute face some character at Easter Wonderland’s face painting booth
Release your inner Picasso. Join the egg painting workshop with Master Fernando Sena at 4pm. The egg painting session will be one of the various arts and crafts activities to be held at the Art Planet of the Eastwood City’s Easter Wonderland.
Different kind of Easter. Instead of the usual Easter egg hunt, Eastwood City conceptualized the special egg painting session with Master Fernando Sena to unleash children’s creativity. Last year, near a thousand kids joined this unique art lesson.
Egg painting sessions can also be mommies’ way to bond with their kids.
No less than painting master Fernando Sena will teach the kids to paint their giant Easter eggs.
Eggs galore! Thousands of giant eggs will be displayed at the Eastwood Mall Open Park starting March 19.
Oh no! A headless cute girl! Here’s a girl trying on the head on a platter interactive exhibit to be found at Eastwood City’s Easter Wonderland Science Emporium.

No need to go far. Kids will have a chance to ride real ponies at the Eastwood City Easter


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